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The One Atelier is a complete turn-key service company for the development of luxury real estate projects, overseeing the entire process from idea generation to handover.

Services handled by our efficient and experienced in-house team include:

Brand Scouting

Scouting and selecting the right Brand to create a branded project is definitely the most sensitive step of the process.
Based on a structured market research and on the Developer’s goals, The One Atelier will lead the process to a level of success above expectations.


Whether bringing to life a new build or transforming an existing structure, we aim to realize the unique vision of every client, designing dream homes for private individuals or ensuring a development perfectly expresses the design DNA of the world’s most exclusive luxury brands.

Marketing Assistance

With our industry-leading marketing and branding experts and deep understanding of the luxury real estate market, The One Atelier takes care of the entire marketing process, from the initial design concept phase right through to the final project launch.
We serve as a vital link between all stakeholders, ensuring that the quality of marketing and communication materials are of an exceptional standard with a fitting global reach.
Marketing requirements are discussed at project inception, before a comprehensive marketing proposal is agreed upon. We then define the development’s name and sales narrative, coordinate naming, the production of brochures, catalogues, promotional videos, billboards and advertising with extensive feedback from the brand, before prelaunch operations shift into gear. After the sales center opens, the final launch is planned and executed with appropriate fanfare.

Interior Design

Our interior design team draws on a vast reservoir of experience through a comprehensive three-stage design process, optimizing space while ensuring that every detail complements the larger picture to form a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and utterly original whole:

  • Concept Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development

Fit-Out, Procurement and Quality Control

During the construction process and fit-out works, our team of dedicated project managers ensures that everything goes exactly to plan, verifying the quality of construction and liaising with the developer or private client to clarify design details and solutions for a seamless finish.

Branded Furniture & Accessories

We pride ourselves on giving the finishing touches of a project the same detailed attention we do in its planning stages – by sourcing and custom designing only the finest branded furniture and accessory collections.
Balancing tradition and innovation, we work closely with brands to design and create lifestyle collections that are true to their aesthetic.