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For two decades we have been industry leaders in the development of exclusive branded real estate and exceptional private homes.

With our inherent understanding of the desires and demands of the modern luxury consumer and their expectations, we have been chosen by many of the globe’s leading luxury lifestyle, fashion and travel brands to design and deliver truly exceptional properties that exceed expectations at every turn.


Michele Galli


Julien Sormonte

Chairman of the Board

Andrea Boschetti

Head of Design

Anna Masello

RE Branding & Marketing Director

Umberto Radice

Brand Ambassador & Yachting Division Director

Riccardo Minervini

Design Director

Claudia Marolla

Technical Director

Edoardo Poi

Hospitality Manager

Mariagrazia Catelli

Head of Procurement

Maria Gorodilova

Business Operations Director

Paolo Bassani

Chief Project Officer

Egor Fufachev

Senior Designer

Yang Yanhui

China General Manager

Arianna Piva

Senior Architect

Cecilia Gozzi

Senior Architect

Ana Lazovic

Product Design Manager

Silvia Ponzio

Procurement Office

Massimo Assirelli

Business Developer

Valentina Pensa


Veronica Badalotti

Administrative Assistant

Lucia Rota

Senior Architect

Giuliana Musso

Senior Architect

Yuri Rocco

Senior Architect

Cristina Belfanti

RE Branding & Marketing Specialist

Mariateresa Angiolella

Procurement Office

Carlo Alberto Di Carlo

Senior Architect

Kathriena Espeleta


Luciana Colasacco


Manuel Zangirolami


Alessio Genna


Bruno Montoya


Erica D'Ilario


Federica Zanchi


Federico Fusco


Maria Marzoli

Assistant Digital Marketing & PR

Virginia Santero

Personal Assistant