Private Commission


  • Brand Scouting
  • Masterplan
  • Architecture
  • Landscape design
  • Business plan

Culture, wine and extraordinary landscapes

A private project designed to benefit the ample territorial offer of Tuscany attracting clients from all over the world that want to enjoy the connection with nature in a luxurious environment.
The Torrenieri project occupies an area of approximately 17.987 sqm with 107 hotel suites, 12 residential villas and various public areas such as a wellness center, recreational areas for tennis, paddle, aromatic gardens, and so much more.

  • Head of Design: Andrea Boschetti
  • Design Project Leader: Cecilia Gozzi
  • Design Director: Riccardo Minervini
  • Design Team: Ana Lazovic, Mattia Ruscio, Egor Fufachev, Cristina Belfanti, Edoardo Poi

Colors & Materials

  • Brown
  • Green
  • Earthy tones
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ample glass windows

Located in Montalcino, a prestigious wine producing area in Tuscany, Italy

The structure is also harmonious within the landscape but still original, iconic and recognizable.
The projects is designed to be as sustainable as possible following some of the 2030 SDGs with solar panels, system to recycle water for irrigation, use of thermical insulated materials from circular economy, use of renewable energies and passive architecture.