Private Client


  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Procurement

Nothing left to case

This house located in China was very interesting to work on for The Ona Atelier. Being the original architecture designed several years ago by Norman Foster, The One Atelier was asked to take care of the Interior Design project . The design process to reach such a dramatic result has been very intense. No detail is left to case, from custom-made doors inlays to marble finishes, different in every part of the house.

  • Head of Design: Andrea Boschetti
  • Design Project Manager: Arianna Piva, Lucia Rota
  • Design Team: Ana Lazovic, Andrea Casazza, Francesco Betta, Olga Proverbio
  • Consultant: Metrogramma

Colors & Materials

  • Travertine marble
  • Leathers
  • Natural woods

Cultured luxury

True refined luxury is the right wording to define this house. Fendi Casa furniture are mixed with unique custom-made pieces which are half design product and half contemporary art pieces. The tradition of Chinese culture is respected and recalled into several details of the project, together with the strong passion for music of our client. This project perfectly shows how a project can be at the same time luxurious, elegant and cultured.