• Real Estate Consultancy for Dolce&Gabbana
  • General Design and Coordination

The new “place to be” in Marbella

Matchless luxury.
These are the adjectives that best describe our latest project with Dolce&Gabbana in Costa del Sol.
The brand is renowed for its unique and striking pieces of interior design and this project lives up to the expectations.

Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana is an extraordinary architectural feat that perfectly exemplifies how the buildings will meticulously adhere to precise proportions (inspired by the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence) in order to coexist harmoniously with the surrounding natural landscape. Designed in the purest of Dolce&Gabbana style, each of the buildings will form a grand staircase facing the Mediterranean Sea, creating a sensory ascent full of art, light, craftsmanship and exclusive services.

  • General Designer & Coordinator: The One Atelier
  • Renders and Images: The One Atelier
  • The façade & Envelope designer: Fresh Architectures + Rousseau Dapelo
  • Interiors: Storage Milano

92 apartments. 5 modern buildings. Over the top services including various sport centers, wellness, beauty, food and beverage, and its own commercial boulevard.
Design Hills Dolce&Gabbana is going to become a new pole for private investment by future residents and international brands, but also a public space of enormous beauty and attraction for all citizens and visitors of Marbella.