Breitling Watches


  • Interior Design
  • Procurement

Time creates memories

The notorious swiss brand Breitling appointed The One Atelier with the creation of a branded lifestyle experience and Ginevra and London are the two designated locations for the project.
Inclusivity, casual luxury and sustainability are the key words that drove the inspiration and realization of this hospitality collection.
A glamorous atmosphere that is still welcoming and cozy for the guests that can access the space in the morning to start the day with a coffee or in the evening to relax and have some drinks with friends.

  • Project Leader: Egor Fufachev
  • Project Manager: Stefano Cardoso
  • Design Team: Egor Fufachev, Kathriena Espeleta
  • Design Director: Riccardo Minervini

Colors & Materials

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Cognac
  • Bricks
  • Leather
  • Metal

The Café is accessible from both the store and the street and it’s industrial aesthetics is inviting and glamorous.
The space is perfect for both business and friendly meetings and is the perfect spot to step into the luxurious world of Brietling.
The Breitling Club is a community of like-minded people who, with their teams, set out to defy the odds, make the most of life, constantly seek adventure, learn and view the world through the prism of emotional and experiential connection.