• Brand scouting
  • Real Estate Consultancy for Dolce&Gabbana
  • Technical Drawings for Interior Design

A universe unto itself

Embark upon an enchanting journey into a sprawling expanse spanning 115,000 square feet, where a profound passion for art, the embrace of Italian warmth, and an unyielding commitment to precision seamlessly converge.

Here you will find 259 bespoke residences meticulously curated by the visionary talents of Dolce&Gabbana—a haven where one can bask in the resplendence of luxury and serenity. This is a place that captures the very spirit and soul of an era when the pursuit of pleasure reigned supreme. Here, the glass is not merely half full; it overflows, a testament to an existence marked by boundless affluence and indulgence.

In the vibrant tapestry of the Magic City, where excess is the prevailing creed, 888 stands as a testament to the reverence for impeccable craftsmanship—an ode to a world where abundance knows no limits.

  • General designer & coordinator: The One Atelier

  • Architecture: Studio Sofield
  • Interior design: M2Atelier

Miami, a perennial global hotspot for the ultimate cosmopolitan beachside living, has also emerged as the premier city for international business, living, and investment.

In recent years, Brickell has evolved into Miami’s epicenter, offering a dynamic blend of cultural attractions, a decade of expansive growth, Michelin-starred dining, high-end shopping akin to Madison Avenue, world-renowned art institutions, and the state’s top-tier sports and music arena. Located with direct access to the Design District and Wynwood and just a short drive or boat ride from South Beach, Brickell embodies the essence of convenience.

This vibrant neighborhood epitomizes a health-conscious lifestyle, boasting the highest density of luxury gyms, wellness centers, and boutique training studios. In essence, Brickell places you squarely at the heart of Miami’s pulsating energy and allure.