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KARL LAGERFELD presents first residential project in Spain named “KARL LAGERFELD Villas Marbella”

By July 12, 2021July 14th, 2021No Comments

The KARL LAGERFELD brand is focusing on Architecture with Residential and Hospitality projects.

In view of the designer’s love of architecture, with such projects as the six-star, luxury hotel in Macau – designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself – set to open before the end of 2021, the fashion brand is pursuing similar endeavors in Spain. KARL LAGERFELD will soon kick off a one-of-a-kind architectural project in Marbella that consists of five exclusive Villas.

Karl had an indomitable passion for architecture and interior design, and this special project pays homage to his artistic vision in a truly unique way. The Real Estate developer, Sierra Blanca Estates, is in charge of bringing this exclusive project to life, while creative direction and design will be handled by KARL LAGERFELD, with the support of The One Atelier.

“We are very excited to bring Karl’s vision of effortless luxury to life in this amazing residential project, which will correspond and blend in with the beauty of the landscape and the environment,” said Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of KARL LAGERFELD. “True to Karl’s mantra of, “embracing the present and inventing the future,” these villas will look into the future, providing a relaxed, yet upscale, luxury lifestyle, that’s respectful of the environment and in keeping with the desires of its owners.”

“Sierra Blanca Estates has been a pioneer in our country and region in developing residential projects under the denomination of branded luxury residences. This type of exclusive Real Estate was unprecedented within our borders and is what Marbella needed to be a true, high-standing residential destination in the world. We achieved it, so now we are happy to continue moving forward through such an important alliance with an iconic brand such as KARL LAGERFELD,” said Carlos Rodríguez, CEO of Sierra Blanca Estates.

With more than 9,000 m2, the majestic plot of land in Marbella is strategically located between the Penibaetic mountains and the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, offering its residents an oasis of tranquility. The high-end resort is made up of five unique villas that range in size between 500 – 900 m2. Constructed with eco-friendly materials and a top-tier infrastructure, each home is meant to be in perfect harmony with the natural, geographical, and cultural identity that surrounds them. The project is the embodiment of a truly singular and authentically elevated, lifestyle-oriented environment.

Natural construction materials allow the spaces to merge seamlessly with the landscape, blurring the artistic boundaries of the homes’ interior and exterior design. The project was conceived using large-volume architecture to create panoramic views of the sea and the mountains from every angle. The result is creation of large, open spaces that easily fit into the stunning natural surroundings, shaped by the course of the river.

“We are very proud to kick-off our collaboration with KARL LAGERFELD with this luxurious and exclusive project in Marbella. These 5 Villas will set a new Lifestyle standard, dedicated to wellbeing, sustainability, and nature-oriented values,” says Michele Galli, CEO of The One Atelier, the company supporting the brand in the design and branding process.

The architecture and landscape of ‘KARL LAGERFELD VILLAS MARBELLA’ has the single purpose of achieving a sustainable lifestyle, an intention that is similarly embraced by the KARL LAGERFELD brand within the fashion industry.

More information on ‘KARL LAGERFELD VILLAS MARBELLA’ will be revealed exclusively at the start of property sales in the coming months.